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Our goal is to keep this board both informational, and enjoyable, for all readers.
The basic ground rules are simple: treat each other with respect, don't break the law.

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We reserve the right to move, modify, delete or merge posts at our discretion and without explanation.

These rules may be amended at any time... Please review this page periodically.

We have no Vendors so at this point. We'll just see how this goes

To learn more about becoming a Supporting Vendor, please send your info by email to viperjeff@vipertruckregistry, including which website(s) you’re interested in sponsoring.

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If a thread is NOT labeled "NWS" by the original poster, do NOT post NWS material or links within that thread.

ALL"NWS" threads posted outside of the Post Ho forum will be removed
The line is thin as to what is acceptable, please use common sense. Any thread/post we deem inappropriate will be deleted w/o notice.
Posts depicting nudity/partial nudity/obscene material/pornography, or links to same, are absolutely forbidden, INCLUDING in threads labeled "NWS".

6. The Off-Topic forum does not mean 'anything goes': ALL other forum rules still apply! Discussion of religion is NOT permitted due to the volatility of that topic. Such posts/threads are subject to removal and warning/ infraction/ ban. Politics can be equally volatile and only those discussions that remain respectful will be permitted to continue, however, that permission may be permanently revoked if problems persist.

7. Please do not insult our readers with offensive language or images: Profanity and explicit, obscene, or vulgar language, graphics, or similar behavior is unnecessary. Language filters are in place, but are very limited. Vulgar language not included in the filters should not be construed as acceptable, as I will add words to the filter if it becomes a problem. Circumvention of this policy may subject the poster to warning/infraction/ban at staff discretion.

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9. Misrepresentation will not be tolerated: This includes creation of multiple accounts for purposes of deception or conflict avoidance.

10. Respect the privacy of fellow members: Do NOT post any private communications or contact information.

11. Each member is allowed ONE user account. If there is a problem with your user name contact an Administrator by PM. All IP addresses are logged and viewable by Moderators and Administrators.

The Viper Registry shall be held harmless in all transactions. Buy/Sale at your own Risk!


1. Offers for goods and/or services of any kind for a price is considered advertising. At this point, there is no policy against it. If it appears to be SPAM, it will get deleted and your account will be terminated.

These Expectations will be modified as needed
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston Churchill
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