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Default Re: VCA.. Who's In and Who's Out!

Sent to the Regional Presidents to distribute to their members.

Viper Owners Association FAQ’S - Sept 18, 2013

After announcing the intention to start a new Viper owners club, there have been some questions and feedback from region presidents and members. Those leading the effort to start the new club, and those many volunteers supporting the cause, have committed to distinguish themselves by taking the high road and employing a collaborative approach to starting this new venture. While trying to demonstrate transparency during the process, it's been a challenge to reach out to Viper enthusiasts and club members across the world due to extensive censorship activities on the VCA website forums and also a lack of direct email lists that the VCA currently enjoys. This communication is aimed at answering the FAQ’s. Our mission is to create a world class organization that is appropriate for Viper owners. Feel free to share this document
with your members.

Q: Why the need for a new Viper owners club?
A: There are a number of very significant reasons why the decision was made to build a new club. In short:
• A disturbing set of activities have taken place which caused an irreparable rift between the VCA
and our manufacturer. This has not simply been from any recent (or a single) action, the most
recent events have brought this to a head. This goes against the very intent of the Viper club's
original purpose and is also specifically what had made it the best car club on earth.
• There are a number of significant negative short and long term impacts that revolve around
inappropriate management, business practices, and politics within the VCA leadership.
• There are serious complications that exist with the current club relative to crushing overhead,
concerns over the VPA, timeliness/expense of the magazine, concerns with specific individuals,
and a controversial recent raffle which could all create significant ethical and legal liabilities.
• There continues to exist a deep rooted distrust of national leadership. Recent punitive and
aggressive actions taken by current national leadership have created an instability and wholesale
uncertainty within the VCA. In one day, more members were suspended than in the history of the
club. As you know, these included several VCA board members and half of the national officers.
Due to this, more board members immediately resigned. All three founders of the club have also
separated themselves and are in support of a new beginning. The club's own legal counsel has
also resigned. All of this leaving a giant void in leadership, while the folks battling on for the status
quo remain.
• Negative publicity has overtaken the internet and press, permanently altering the perception and
reputation of the current club. Continued public scrutiny has eroded the confidence of general
membership creating an overwhelming outcry for an alternative by regional clubs..
• Several regional clubs have now already left the VCA, while the remaining vast MAJORITY of
regions are in varying stages of determining their destiny. Other regions will follow as they are
waiting to see formal movement begin. However, in the end there will never be manufacturer
support for a broken national entity and many independent regional clubs. Unifying everyone
under one umbrella, and doing so with the priority of providing pure and loyal support of our
manufacturer, is paramount to earning a renewed relationship with those who make our cars.
Regardless of the details and any specific individual blame these facts stand, it's for all of these reasons (and many more less important ones) that a new Viper owners club would benefit everyone by instantly separating itself from the risk, liability, and politics of its history.

Q: What is the status of the new Viper club?
A: Weekly calls have been held to establish a framework to ensure a near seamless transition of club members from the old to the new club. The focus of the new club will be to return to the core foundation of the original club, that is, to have fun with others who enjoy their Vipers while working together with the manufacturer to promote the many special attributes of our Viper.

Q: How will the new club deal ensure inclusiveness for all?
A: Past founding presidents, national officers, and regional directors have been holding weekly calls (at a minimum) to create a club structure that is centered around listening to (and responding to) our members. Current regional presidents are best positioned to communicate with all 3,000+ members across 34 regions, so we have been providing them with information to share will all members. During a call in the next week we will take a vote on the name for the new club. We will conduct annual electronic member feedback surveys and share the results in the new quarterly Viper magazine. The future national entity will be steered more by the regional leadership, rather than a handful on the national level.

Q: Will the new Viper club be adequately resourced?
A: Yes. There are already benefactors who have stepped up to swiftly subsidize the startup costs of a new entity and others have offered their services voluntarily. The outpouring of offers has been overwhelming (and appreciated!) from both individuals and vendors. Once the initial work is done – there will be a way for folks to volunteer for specific areas. The new Viper club will provide full and continuous disclosure of the club’s financial status.

Q: What are the plans for bylaws and operating procedures?
A: We have a bylaw committee created to develop a simple and effective set of bylaws appropriate for an enthusiast car club. We will also develop a set of operating procedures issued within the first 3 months of the club’s formation. We will include items that were not addressed in the prior bylaws such as , regional President voting rights (and proxy voting)as well as limiting the power of any single individual.

Q: Will our current regional club lose the funds in their checking or savings account?
A: No, those funds were collected on behalf of the region or were directly paid by members in the region through their annual dues. Each region can operate under their current not-for-profit status independent of any national entity. All dues belonging to a region will stay with its region.

Q: What other changes can we expect with the new club?
A: We anticipate a renewed involvement and support from the manufacturer (although we cannot make any commitments for them), increased communication with the members, an open decision-making process, more transparency on financial information, a professional bidding process for expenditures, , less censorship, a much simpler national entity, and more sharing of ideas on how to have fun with your Viper. There is also an overriding philosophy to benefit the regions more, whether it be financial, human resources, or tools. Regions are where it happens, and we recognize that. It's expected that much of what you love at the regional level will continue as it always has. It's encouraged that regions convert to the new club as a whole. So there is no expectation that a region will keep both VCA and new clubs for members to choose between. Those who do choose to renew with the VCA however, will simply be assigned the
closest neighboring VCA region that is still in existence.

Q: When do you expect the new club to begin operation and accept membership applications/dues?
A: The formal start of the new club is January 1st, 2014. Membership sign-up for the new club will begin before the end of this year. Establishment of website, forums, call center, administration, a magazine, and bylaws are all wiftly underway! We are working diligently to ensure a seamless transition and to provide each member with a quality experience.

Q: What happens to VPA?
A: VPA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VCA. As long as VCA continues to exist, VPA can continue to operate. With the lack of financial disclosure, we can’t determine the true risk, total overhead and liability of VPA, however, we do know that it has high overhead in salaries and warehousing costs, and has changed significantly from its original purpose. The new club prefers to focus on the owners, the cars, and the relationship with the manufacturer rather than running a for profit business that competes with other parts of the Viper nation.

Q: Will there be a Viper Owner Invitational event with the new club?
A: Yes, we all realize that the fun from joining a car club, especially a Viper club, comes from having close and positive relationships with other club members as we share participating in various Viper events and the pinnacle of those events are our VOI, so we have established an event committee to conduct the proper research to get the event scheduled ASAP. You will hear more about it over the next few months with the plan to have a location finalized in Q1 2014 so that people can plan vacations accordingly.

Q: I'm seeing many announcements coming from the current VCA, what does this mean?
A: We can’t comment on exactly what it means. Unfortunately, we’ve seen and heard similar promises before that have failed to deliver. We are moving forward based on the experiences we have had with the current leadership, as well as a desire to start fresh with the manufacturer.

Q: What do I do relative to my current VCA membership?
A: Nothing. Simply continue to participate in the current club, but it's your choice not to renew at the end of the year. You're free to finish the year’s membership and hopefully join the new club for 2014.

Q: How can I volunteer my skills or time to the new club?
A: There are many ways to be a part of this inclusive entity. It's exciting to build something so substantial from the ground up and be part of something so historic. Given all the moving parts described above, the best help often comes from those who aren't chosen, but volunteer based on specific things they'd like to be a part of. Just let us know!

Q: How can we ask questions about the new club?
A: We are working hard to get a quality web site set up since the current VCA Forum moderators
continuously remove any references to the new club and it's not possible to communicate. Keep an eye out VERY shortly! Until then, escalate your thoughts and ideas through your regional president as we communicate with them frequently.

In Short, we are moving ahead quickly with the new club, are well-funded, and have received the support of the majority of the former VCA regions. We hope you’ll be part of this exciting new beginning.
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
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